Vision’s Android Heart Bleeds on Peach Momoko’s Blood Hunt #1 Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed artist Peach Momoko‘s variant cover for the debut issue of the vampire-centric event series Blood Hunt.

Blood Hunt #1 arrives in early May from writer Jed MacKay, artist Pepe Larraz, and colorist Marte Gracia. Momoko’s variant cover stars none other than the Vision — a key Avenger who will find himself on the frontlines of the Marvel Universe’s impending vampire war. Ultron’s “son” is seen shedding blood, which implies that he is no more safe than any of his allies.

Check out Peach Momoko’s variant cover for Blood Hunt #1 below:

What to expect from Blood Hunt

An official synopsis for Blood Hunt’s premiere issue reads as follows: “THE BLOODIEST MARVEL EVENT EVER! The skies have gone dark, the sun hiding its face from the carnage to come. The children of the night, the vampires, have risen from the dark and hidden places of the world as one to drown the Marvel Universe in blood. Earth’s final night has fallen — can even the heroes of this doomed world stem the tide of blood that is to come? Join the AVENGERS, BLADE, BLOODLINE, SPIDER-MAN, HUNTER’S MOON, TIGRA, DOCTOR STRANGE and CLEA as the dance of death begins in BLOOD HUNT #1!”

Marvel recently dished on the Bloodcoven — a team of superpowered vampires who will act as the Blood Hunt event’s main antagonists. “I knew going in that vampires weren’t bad enough,” MacKay said. “If the children of the night were going up against the Avengers, let alone the other heroes of the world, bigger guns were required … Hence the Bloodcoven — supervampires, fed on the blood of superhumans that follow different vampiric philosophies, subsisting not only on blood but pain, or magic, or thoughts, or even ghosts! I threw together a list of names and some thoughts about powers, but it was Pepe who really brought these characters to (un)life, creating an extremely gnarly set of predators!”

Marvel promises a steady flow of tie-ins

In addition to the main, five-issue series by MacKay and Larraz, Blood Hunt will play out in a slew of tie-in comics. For starters, Marvel has announced a total of eight tie-in limited series: Black Panther: Blood HuntUnion Jack the Ripper: Blood HuntBlood HuntersDracula: Blood HuntMidnight Sons: Blood HuntStrange Academy: Blood HuntAmazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt, and Wolverine: Blood Hunt.

Furthermore, the publisher has unveiled a total of six tie-in one-shots. Four of these one-shots are part of Marvel’s X-Men line. They star Jubilee, Magik, Psylocke, and Wolverine (Laura Kinney), respectively. The other two one-shots star Werewolf by Night and Hulk, respectively.

Blood Hunt will also get no fewer than 16 tie-in issues across seven existing Marvel series. These include Amazing Spider-Man #49, Avengers #14-16, Doctor Strange #15-17, Fantastic Four #21-22, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #21-22, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #5-7, and Venom #34-34. Additionally, Marvel will put out a free Blood Hunt prelude special as part of Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 4.

Blood Hunt #1 goes on sale Wednesday, May 1 from Marvel Comics. The issue features a main cover by Pepe Larraz.


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