superman vs. omni-man
Credit: Left: Warner Bros., Right: Warner Bros. Games

Superman vs. Omni-Man: Who Is More Powerful & Would Win in a Fight?

Ever since Prime Video launched Invincible, a Superman vs. Omni-Man comparison has piqued the interest of many comic book fans. With the latter being inspired by the former in his creation, the two share several commonalities in terms of their strength and abilities. But who is the strongest? Could Omni-Man defeat Superman? Here’s a breakdown that answers these questions.

Is Superman more powerful than Omni-Man?

Yes, Superman is more powerful than Omni-Man and even possesses a wider array of abilities.  

While Superman would easily be able to defeat Homelander, he’d truly meet his match against the viltrumite, Omni-Man. The two aliens possess planet-shattering strength, enhanced durability and senses, superhuman speed, quick reflexes, and flight.

While their strength and durability levels might seem similar, Superman’s other abilities such as heat-vision and freeze breath make him superior to Omni-Man.

Would Superman beat Omni-Man in a fight?

In a fair fight, Superman would be able to come out on top against Omni-Man.

The result of this battle could differ in different situations and locations. If the fight takes place on Earth, then the planet’s enriching sun would make Superman infinitely powerful and unbeatable.

But the outcome could change on Viltrum depending upon how Superman’s Kryptonian physiology reacts to the planet’s environment. If he continues to retain his abilities, then he does stand a chance at winning. But it’s also worth noting that Omni-Man might have a home advantage at Viltrum.

Needless to say, Omni-Man could also be able to win if he gets his hands on Kryptonite.

One could also argue that since Omni-Man would always go for the kill and Superman wouldn’t, the former might land a devastating blow. However, we’ve already seen how Superman fairs against someone who goes for the kill.

General Zod is even more similar to Omni-Man than Superman himself. Parallels between Zod and Omni-Man’s motivations could easily be drawn. The Kryptonian fought for his planet’s cause and tried to end humanity, but Superman ended him.

Omni-Man also fights for his planet’s cause, although it’s slightly different. But if humanity resists, then his ultimate goal would also be to end them. That’s when Superman would fight at his best and defeat Omni-Man, similar to how he took down Zod and Doomsday.

Lastly, if Omni-Man goes up against a different version of Superman such as the one from Injustice, then, he’d lose for sure!