The People's Joker

The People’s Joker Trailer Previews Queer Coming-of-Age Superhero Parody Movie

The first trailer for The People’s Joker has been released.

The People’s Joker is a new coming-of-age superhero parody movie directed and edited by Vera Drew. Drew also co-wrote the movie with Bri LeRose and stars as Joker the Harlequin in the movie.

Check out the trailer for The People’s Joker below:

What is The People’s Joker about?

“In the absurdist autobiographically-inspired dark comedy that boldly reimagines the Joker’s origin, a painfully unfunny aspiring clown (Vera Drew as Joker the Harlequin) grapples with her gender identity while unsuccessfully attempting to join the ranks of Gotham City’s sole comedy program in a world where comedy has been outlawed. Uniting with a ragtag team of rejects and misfits, Joker the Harlequin forms an illegal anti-comedy troupe that puts her on a collision course with the devious caped crusader controlling the city,” the official synopsis reads.

Along with Drew, the film stars Lynn Downey, Nathan Faustyn, Kane Distler, David Liebe Hart, Griffin Kramer, Christian Calloway, Ember Knight, Dan Curry, Cricket Arrison, Eliot Glazer, Sandy Honig, Alec Robbins, Mia Moore Marchant, Phil Braun, Trevor Drinkwater, Daniella Baker, Bambi Bell, Denali Winter, Ruin Carroll, and Arden Hughes. 

Tim Heidecker, Bob Odenkirk, Maria Bamford, and Scott Aukerman also make cameos in the movie. Joey Lyons serves as the producer, while Richie Doyle, Conor Hannon, and Riccardo Maddalosso are executive producers.

The People’s Joker made headlines in September 2022 when, one day after it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, the film was withdrawn due to “rights issues.” Other screenings were canceled for similar reasons, though the movie was later shown at the 2023’s Outfest and other film festivals.

The People’s Joker opens at the IFC Center in New York City on April 5, 2024. It will then expand to cities such as Long Angeles, Austin, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, and Chicago in the following weeks. Theatrical listings can be found by clicking here


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