can deadpool feel pain
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Deadpool: Does He Feel Pain & Can He Die?

Deadpool fans have quite a few doubts about his abilities. Is the Merc with a Mouth immortal, and can he die? But most importantly, does he feel any pain? Here’s all you need to know about the biology of Deadpool’s healing powers.  

Can Deadpool feel pain?

Yes, Deadpool feels every bit of pain as normal humans do. However, his regenerative ability allows him to heal from all injuries.

While Deadpool can heal quickly, he isn’t indestructible. His body restores, but he does endure pain as much as a regular human would upon a similar injury. Because his cells regenerate rapidly, his pain isn’t long-lasting as his body gets restored to its former state before injury. That’s the reason why he can walk into heavy gunfire and tolerate pain.

Can Deadpool die, or is he immortal?

While Deadpool is immortal in Marvel comics, there are a few ways to kill him.

Yes, Deadpool was proven to be immortal in the comics. 2020’s Deadpool: The End comic story revealed that Wade Wilson was alive in the distant future while most other heroes died.

Suffering from cancer, Wade Wilson had signed up for additional experimentation. The experiments burnt his skin right before his externally added healing ability began to kick in. From that moment onwards, his healing restores his body to the state it was in when he first got the ability. As a result, he continues to live with the cancer he had before the experiments. His power is so effective that it allows him to be immortal despite him carrying his cancer.

But that doesn’t mean he is unkillable. One way of killing him is to put a mutation-dampening collar on his neck. It will disable his regenerative ability and allow the cancer cells to grow, thus deteriorating his body. With the collar on, a lethal injury would take him down instantly. But even without any injury, he’d die with time as the cancer would grow in his body.

Another way to kill him is to crush his brain completely. After all, his brain is what enables his healing. So, crushing his brain into a million pieces should practically kill him because, unlike Wolverine, he cannot regenerate from a single cell or a single drop of blood.

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