Latest Masters of the Universe Exclusive Figure Blows Trunks

Who better to fight fires in Eternia than a man with a robot elephant head? Such is the story logic behind Snout Spout, an unusual cyborg character from the Masters of the Universe vintage toy line who’s now getting a makeover. In all likelihood, the thinking behind the design was that the bad guys had water-squirting toys in Dragon Blaster Skeletor and Kobra Khan, and the good guys needed one. But it doesn’t make sense for a good guy to spit poison venom, so how do you package that feature as benevolent? An elephant, obviously. It even almost rhymes.

Pachyderm Is Packing

Snout Spout came out during Masters of the Universe’s last massive surge before winding down around the same time as the Snake Men and the Eternia playset. He never got a 2002 action figure but did appear in the compatible mini-statue line, and he has since resurfaced in Origins and Classics as a reworked version of the original figure. Now Mattel has recreated him for New Eternia, the line based on concept art, as an online exclusive from Mattel Creations. This version looks more like the 200x mini-statue, a genuinely threatening warrior rather than an amiable goof.

Part of the new intimidating aura comes from Snout Spout being larger than normal at nearly eight inches tall. He doesn’t actually squirt water, but instead includes a multi-part articulated trunk (five points!) for the first time. A translucent blue attachment simulants nose-hosery, and his yellow eyes are light-piped. His body features 32 movable parts and his ears are poseable this time around.

Snout Spout goes on-sale on March 12 at 12 p.m. ET. Masterverse exclusives typically last a little longer online than Origins figures, but if Mattel knows that now, they may limit him more this time. $33 plus shipping isn’t exactly cheap, but works out to a fairly standard exclusive mark-up. Like some previous exclusives, he includes a cardboard display stand with backdrop.

Check out the images below and see if he looks worth it to you: