New Marvel Unlimited Program Makes Infinity Comics Titles Free to Read

Marvel‘s digital comic-reading service Marvel Unlimited has officially launched Marvel’s Infinity Comics: Start Scrolling — a new program giving readers access to select Infinity Comics titles for free.

“Marvel’s Infinity Comics: Start Scrolling will provide instant access to select free comics, with no login required,” Marvel explained on its website. “Readers can experience over 100 issues of bingeable Marvel stories … by visiting With an extensive library of over 30,000 comics on Marvel Unlimited, fans can expect other free Infinity Comics to be rotated in throughout the year.” The publisher also shared a graphic that advertises Infinity Comics like X-Men Unlimited, It’s Jeff!, and Spider-Verse Unlimited as part of the program.

“Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics were not only introduced to provide a new way to experience Marvel stories, but also to create additional avenues for fresh and under-explored corners of the Marvel Universe,” Jessica Malloy, Marvel Unlimited’s VP of Marketing, said in a statement. “The Start Scrolling program is truly an extension of that. And with titles being rotated in regularly, we hope to keep welcoming in readers to our ever-expanding comic universe!”

Marvel launched the Infinity Comics line of vertically-formatted digital comics in September 2021. Since then, more than 300 creators have put out over 1,000 chapters across the various Infinity Comics titles.


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