Sensational She-Hulk 6 by Jen Bartel
(Image Source: Marvel / Jen Bartel)

She-Hulk’s Vacation Ruined by Obscure Marvel Heroine

It isn’t easy for Jen Walters to get away for a vacation. Ignoring her work as a lawyer, she’s also usually busy as The Sensational She-Hulk. There’s also the unique challenges posed by her current boyfriend, the energy-absorbing Jack of Hearts. It seems that fate had provided them with the perfect deep space getaway. Unfortunately, the unexpected arrival of one obscure Marvel hero made the weekend instantly awkward.

The Sensational She-Hulk #6 by Rainbow Rowell and Ig Guara found She-Hulk and Jack of Hearts in Club Sol. A space casino aimed at high-rollers hidden close to Earth’s sun, it seemed like the perfect vacation spot for the two heroes. The close proximity of the sun would satisfy Jack’s dietary requirements and keep him from draining the gamma radiation from Jen. He could even wear casual clothing and free himself of the special armor that managed his metabolism.

She-Hulk and Ganymede
(Image Source: Marvel / Ig Guara)

While waiting for Jack in the bar, She-Hulk noticed a depressed warrior woman drinking alone. Sensing a kindred spirit, Jen reached out to her, offering a sympathetic ear. She related a tale to which Jen could sympathize, feeling without purpose after avenging the deaths of her order. Jen thought she had found a new friend until Jack entered the bar and the alien amazon recognized him. The comic ends with a note advising readers to “start digging through those back-issue bins.”

She-Hulk’s New Friend Ganymede Explained

She-Hulk’s new friend gives her name as Ganymede, but that name is unlikely to mean much to most Marvel Comics readers. First appearing in Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #80 in May 1993, Ganymede was introduced as an ally in the fight against the villain Tyrant. It was here that she met Jack of Hearts and helped nurse the cosmic hero back to health.

Jack of Hearts and Ganymede
(Image Source: Marvel / Andy Smith)

Jack and Ganymede fell in love, but Ganymede refused to act on her feelings and break her oath of celibacy before she avenged her vanquished sisterhood. She did, however, allow that she would seek Jack out once that happened. This leaves She-Hulk in a strange situation, which will surely end in heartache even if it ends without violence.

The Sensational She-Hulk #6 is now available on-line and at comic shops everywhere.


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