Captain America by Taurin Clarke
(Image Source: Marvel / Taurin Clarke)

Captain America Rejects the Perfect Side-Gig

While not a major concern for the likes of Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, most heroes need a steady job to survive. Captain America #7 by J, Michael Straczynski and Carlos Magno suggests one possible source of income for Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. However, the elder Cap is quick to dismiss the idea as distasteful.

The opening pages of Captain America #7 finds Sam and Steve getting together for a movie night. It is not said what movie they are watching, or even what the subject matter is. However, it quickly becomes apparent, based on their conversation, that they are watching a superhero movie. It is also clear that it is not a good superhero movie.

Captain America and Captain America watch a superhero movie
(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Magno)

Sadly, the readers are not treated to the men who share the title Captain America playing the home game of Mystery Science Theater 3000. However, Sam Wilson does suggest that they could make money consulting on superhero movies. Steve Rogers dismisses the idea, however, preferring HYDRA to Hollywood.

Marvel Comics at the Movies

Steve Rogers reluctance to get into the movie business is understandable. Historically, Marvel Comics‘ heroes have not done well on Earth-616 when Hollywood entered the lives. One of the most famous examples came in Amazing Spider-Man #14. This comic found Spider-Man hired to play himself in a movie based on his own life. Unfortunately, it was all part of the first Green Goblin scheme to squash the wall-crawler.

Spider-Man appears in his own movie
(Image Source: Marvel / Steve Ditko)

The only hero who has had much luck in Hollywood is Wonder Man. Simon Williams was able to make a living as a television actor when he wasn’t saving the world. However, he is the exception, rather than the rule. Given that, it is easy to understand why the first Captain America would not want to consider a career in movies.

Captain America #7 is now available on-line and at comic shops everywhere.