Doctor Strange 13 cover by Alex Ross cropped
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Doctor Strange Plays Dungeons and Dragons for Real

One would not expect the Sorcerer Supreme to be well versed in the ways of Dungeons and Dragons. Given that Stephen Strange spends his days using magic to fight monsters, it would hardly seem to be his idea of a relaxing hobby. Yet Doctor Strange #13 finds the good doctor playing the role of Gandalf assembling a party to join him on an adventure.

Doctor Strange #13 by Jed Mackay and Pasqual Ferry finds the Sorcerer Supreme dealing with the reemergence of Cobolorum. This “festering sore in reality” somehow became attached to a roleplaying game, trapping players within the titular mystic realm. As he explains to Clea, he has battled the realm before, but never been able to track the one responsible for creating it. Unfortunately, to interact with the realm and save those within it, he must play by the rules of the game.

Doctor Strange describes dangerous game Cobolorum
(Image Source: Marvel / Pasqual Ferry)

To that end, Doctor Strange assembles a team, with each member assuming one of the classic D&D party roles. He brings in Black Cat as the thief, Taskmaster as the fighter, and Hunter’s Moon as the priest. With himself as the wizard, the party is ready to play.

Doctor Strange’s Party is no Game

Doctor Strange Hunters Moon Taskmaster and Black Cat play Dungeons and Dragons
(Image Source: Marvel / Pasqual Ferry)

The quest proves to be all games but no fun. While Hunter’s Moon is not unused to the idea of traveling in another world, Black Cat is ill at ease with a combat-based mission. By contrast, Taskmaster enjoys himself a little too much in his role as the party meat shield. He claims this is because he relaxes working for heroes like Doctor Strange since he doesn’t have to worry about them leaving him for dead.

Baron Mordo as the Dungeon Master in Doctor Strange 13
(Image Source: Marvel / Pasqual Ferry)

The comics ends with the revelation that Doctor Strange’s archenemy, Baron Mordo, is the architect of Cobolorum. Casting himself in the role of Dungeon Master, Mordo summons a dragon to make short work of the heroes. This stunning cliffhanger promises an epic adventure to come in the next issue.

Doctor Strange #13 is now available on-line and at comic shops everywhere.


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