The X-Men’s Krakoan Age Ends With Landmark 700th Issue

Marvel Comics has officially unveiled X-Men #35 — which marks the final chapter of the X-Men‘s Krakoan Age.

The final battle for Krakoa is currently unfolding within the pages of the dual limited series Fall of the House of X and Rise of the Powers of X, which wrap up in May. X-Men #35 subsequently arrives in June to formally close out this chapter in mutant history ahead of the X-Men’s line-wide relaunch in July. What’s more, the book will double as the landmark 700th issue of Uncanny X-Men.

X-Men #35 unites an all-star lineup of writers and artists — including Gerry Duggan, Kieron Gillen, Al Ewing, Chris Claremont, Gail Simone, Phil Noto, Joshua Cassara, Lucas Werneck, Jerome Opeña, Stefano Caselli, Walter Simonson, and Leinil Francis Yu. Marvel promises “an epic-length story” by some of these creators, many of whom helped shape the Krakoa era. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Claremont — an X-Men legend — will pen “a story of family” that offers a “glimpse of things to come in the new X-Men titles launching this summer.”

Check out Pepe Larraz‘s wraparound cover art for X-Men #35 (Legacy #700) below:

What to expect from X-Men #35

An official synopsis for X-Men #35 reads as follows: “All good things must come to an end, and as good of a thing as the Krakoan Era has been for mutantkind … its time has come at last. The tragedy and triumph of FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X, the madness and mystery of RISE OF THE POWERS OF X … they have all come to their end and led to this moment that will change the future of mutantkind for years to come.”

“Being a part of the Krakoan experiment has been a true thrill,” editor Jordan D. White said. “Honestly — in many ways — it echoed the experience of mutantkind itself in the era. We worked differently, we tried new things, we survived incredible new experiences. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with such fantastically talented creators throughout the era, and working on the glorious ending is truly bittersweet. I will miss it with my whole heart, but I do know … Krakoa will live on within us forever.”

X-Men #35 (Legacy #700) goes on sale Wednesday, June 5 from Marvel Comics.