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Tony Stark Explains Why Avengers Aren’t Helping X-Men Fight Orchis

One of the things that separated Marvel Comics from other superhero settings was its shared universe. In the early days, most superheroes did not interact outside of team books like Justice League of America. By contrast, it was commonplace for Marvel’s heroes to make cameos in one another’s comics.

However, while this interconnectivity pleased many readers, it has been as much a curse as a blessing. Many complained over the years when global disasters depicted in one series were not reflected in other comics. Avengers #11 by Jed MacKay and Ivan Fiorelli addresses this issue, in regards to the recent X-Men storyline Fall of the House of X.

The opening of the issue finds Captain Marvel and Iron Man discussing recent events. The Avengers have had their hands full, battling the Ashen Combine and setting up a new base. Despite this, and a desire to avoid policing the entire Earth, Carol Danvers raises her concerns about the threat posed by the Anti-Mutant group Orchis. She has tried to honor the request of Tony Stark to let him handle the situation, but wonders why the Avengers shouldn’t step in.

The Avengers Cannot Operate Covertly Like the X-Men

Tony Stark Explains Why Avengers Can't Help X-Men Fight Orchis
(Image Source: Marvel / Ivan Fiorelli)

Tony’s reasoning is that the Avengers, great as they are, are not the right tool to tackle the Orchis problem. The monthly Iron Man comic has seen Stark working with the X-Men teams, coordinating his own efforts to fight Orchis, who took over his company. Throwing heroes like Thor into the mix might expose the covert work of the Mutant Resistance.

Stark also points out that, for all their power, there are only seven heroes on the current Avengers team. Orchis was able to neutralize hundreds of Mutants simultaneously. This offers multiple logical explanations for why the Avengers should not involve themselves in the X-Men’s business.

Avengers #11 is now available on-line and at comic shops everywhere.


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