Spectacular Spider-Men by David Nakayama
(Image Source: Marvel / David Nakayama)

Spectacular Spider-Men Establishes Which Spider-Man Is Most Mature

There are many heroes with spider powers in the Spider-Verse and many of them use the name Spider-Man. Beyond their powers, most of these heroes are also defined by a sarcastic sense of humor. This trait often annoys their more serious counterparts. However, Spectacular Spider-Men #1 confirms which of Earth-616’s Spider-Men is the most mature when it comes to holding back his juvenile quips.

Written by Greg Weisman, with art by Humberto Ramos, Spectacular Spider-Men #1 finds Peter Parker and Miles Morales trying to relax. The two heroes agree to meet once a week to hang-out, without any Spider-Man business on the table. Naturally, that plan has to be abandoned after the two encounter the villainous Jackal while en route to get coffee.

Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker laughs at adolescent things
(Image Source: Marvel / Humberto Ramos)

Over the course of the issue, both heroes sharing the Spider-Man name are shown to have similar personalities. Both are intelligent and quick-witted, with similar senses of humor. However, Peter Parker is repeatedly depicted as more immature than Miles Morales, despite being the older of the two heroes

Why Miles Morales is the More Mature Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker and Miles Morales tackle Jackal
(Image Source: Marvel / Humberto Ramos)

There is a certain logic to Miles Morales taking more care to be serious in a crisis than his mentor. Being a teenager, Miles is used to not being taken seriously because of his age. This causes him, like many young people, to try and act older than he really is. This is particularly true when he’s in costume as Spider-Man and trying to project a sense of authority.

By contrast, Peter Parker uses his alter ego as a means of blowing off steam. When he puts on the Spider-Man mask, he can let loose with all the remarks he’d never say in his secret identity. However, we also see that Peter is every bit the smart aleck when he is in his comfort zone. When talking with an old teacher and being introduced to a man named Seymore Krepps, Peter remarks that he “never wants to Seymore Krepps.” Ironically, this dad joke elicits an eye roll from Miles and another remark about how childish Peter is.

Spectacular Spider-Men #1 is now available online and at comic shops everywhere.


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