Batman: Dark Age #1 First Look Reimagines the Dark Knight’s Origin as Historical Fiction

DC has shared a first look inside the debut issue of Batman: Dark Age — a six-part series that retells the Caped Crusader’s origin story in a historical context.

Batman: Dark Age launches at the end of this month from writer Mark Russell and artists Mike and Laura Allred. The debut issue features a main cover by the Allreds, who also provide a variant cover. Yanick Paquette and Frank Quitely provide additional variants. At this time, DC has shared a number of unlettered preview pages, which offer a glimpse at the book’s reimagining of the Dark Knight’s early days.

Check out the first-look preview for Batman: Dark Age #1 below:

What to expect from Batman: Dark Age

Batman: Dark Age acts as a follow-up to Russell and the Allreds’ Superman: Space Age — which itself recontextualized the Man of Steel’s origin against “real-world historical and cultural events of the 1960s.” The creative team’s new comic promises an “equally distinctive take on Batman.”

“In an origin story like no other readers will witness how Bruce Wayne, Gotham City’s favorite delinquent son, evolves into its protector, shaped by a city in turmoil, marching towards prophesied doom,” an official synopsis reads. “…Gotham City comes alive like never before, filled with the iconic characters that have loved and hated Batman over the years. In Batman: Dark Age, fans get an opportunity to see Batman as a figure in American history, fighting for justice in a world gone mad.”

Batman: Dark Age #1 goes on sale Tuesday, March 26 from DC.


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