Hot Toys Offers ‘Mauldalorian’ Super Commando as Seen on Ahsoka

During the Siege of Mandalore, as primarily depicted during the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a group of Mandalorian Super Commandos loyal to Maul customized their armor to resemble his color scheme, Sith tattoo designs, and horns. Unofficially nicknamed “Mauldalorians,” they wage one of the last great battles of the conflict, ultimately bringing don’t-call-him-Darth-any-more Maul and Ahsoka face to face for an epic duel.

It’s Maulive!

Though they’re mostly depicted in animation, Ahsoka’s live-action series on Disney+ featured an episode in which she relived scenes from her past, including the Siege of Mandalore. This allowed fans to see the Mauldalorians in live-action for the first time. Hot Toys duly saw an opportunity and took it; now, the realistic-style 12-inch Super Commandos are up for preorder over at Sideshow’s website.

As the official description has it, “The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of the character in the show. It features highly detailed helmet and armor, skillfully tailored outfit, a jetpack, two blasters, energy shield and a sand themed display base.”

Be careful not to show that base to general Anakin Skywalker. He hates sand. It’s rough, and coarse, and gets everywhere. In this case, at least, it’s only sculpted sand, and will stay on the base.

Preorders for this one come in at $265, with delivery expected sometime in 2025. That gives you time to scrimp and save your Republic credits. Should you be undecided, take a look through the images below, which should provide more information than a typical bounty holodisc.