Mezco One:12 Reveals Include Batman: The Animated Series and More

Toy Fair no longer takes place in February, but the gang at Mezco Toyz is sticking to the schedule anyway. During this past weekend, the one that once would have hosted Toy Fair, they held their own online Mezco Toyz Fair. The bottom line for us is that they revealed several new superhero figures from their high-end, 6-inch One:12 Collective, along with another who arguably qualifies as a super-villain

Fancy and Funny and Oh So Delish

The highlight reveals were Batman and Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. The fact that Mezco is kicking this license off with two figures suggests they’re ready to go all-in if demand is there. It’s interesting to see these characters with cloth costumes, adding a new texture to characters who’ve always had relatively smooth toys. The tease images don’t tell us a lot, but they’ve certainly captured the characters’ expressiveness and given them some accessories.

These aren’t the only cartoon comic heroes brought to life, as Miles Morales from the Spider-Verse movies gets his figure too. The teaser shows him unmasked, but he’ll certainly include a masked head as well and lots of potential character-specific items.

Then there’s Captain America, who looks roughly like a Jack Kirby interpretation, minus the thick, black linework. Is it even Kirby without that? Mezco hasn’t generally done figures that look like 2-D artwork or cel-shading, so this feels like their take on what a “realistic” Kirby Cap would look like.

And then there’s Art the Clown from the Terrifier movies. The nigh-indestructible mime with noisy bowels and a love of ultraviolent pranks might just be a demon from Hell, and Mezco will probably give him a hearty bag of tricks to work his mayhem with.

No dates or preorders are set yet — these will probably be spaced out over the course of the next year, and once further details are revealed, of course, we will cover them in more detail here, For now, enjoy the sneak peek, and let us know below which one(s) you’re most excited for.