Kieron Gillen’s Next Image Comics Series Imagines a Superhero Cold War

Image Comics has announced The Power Fantasy — a new series from writer Kieron Gillen and artist Caspar Wijngaard.

Gillen and Wijngaard formally unveiled The Power Fantasy at Emerald City Comic Con. Due to launch sometime this August, the series takes place in “a world where ‘Superpowered’ has a specific meaning. It’s reserved solely for those with the destructive potential of the nuclear arsenal of the most powerful nations on Earth. There are presently six superpowered beings, and the future of the planet is reliant on them never, ever coming into conflict.” Image further describes The Power Fantasy as a cross between “The Boys and Watchmen” with a “music video aesthetic.”

Check out promotional artwork for The Power Fantasy below:

Gillen and Wijngaard discuss The Power Fantasy

“The Power Fantasy emerged in a similar way to The Wicked + The Divine,” Gillen told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was doing a book at Marvel, and became aware of exactly the sort of things I could do with the reins taken off. As The Wicked + the Divine was to Young Avengers, this is to Immortal X-Men. It’s a comic informed by superheroes, but one where a fight is the absolute lose state, for everyone. It’s set from 1945-1999, and so is a chance to really have fun with an alternate cultural history too. I think you can see it as an extension of my best work: WicDivian alternate-pop culture, a cold-war take on Uber’s realpolitik, Die’s social group drama hyper-charged by genre…”

“Once Kieron had pitched the basic outline for The Power Fantasy I knew this was the story I felt comfortable most telling,” Wijngaard added. “We’ve been able to create some incredible characters, each with their own vibrant personalities and worlds in which they inhabit. If you are a fan of my most recent Image titles Home Sick Pilots and All Against All, you’ll see a lot of its DNA here. I’m truly putting everything I’ve learned into this series, and The Power Fantasy is a large and beautiful canvas for me to operate on.”

The Power Fantasy #1 goes on sale in August 2024 from Image Comics.