Nate Moore Interested in Bringing Blue Marvel to the MCU

As the MCU heads into Phase Five, many characters from Marvel comics have yet to make their onscreen debut. One of those characters is Adam Brashear, a Marine-turned-superhero who went by the alias Blue Marvel. The potential addition of Blue Marvel to the MCU excites Nate Moore, the VP of Production & Development for Marvel Studios, who shared his admiration for the character on Deadline’s Crew Call podcast.

“And then there’s a fantastic character who’s relatively recent in Marvel, named the Blue Marvel, who is fascinating,” said Moore. “So, he’s a character who is almost Superman in strength and powers, who in the ’60s, operated as a Blue Marvel masked character.”

“But, in a fight, his mask is ripped off and people realize he’s Black. And [John F.] Kennedy actually asks him to go back undercover because he’s scaring people, ’cause he’s gonna upset the powder keg of the Civil Rights era,” Moore continued. “And he’s since been reintroduced into… Marvel publishing as a really smart, almost Captain Nemo character. Like he takes great space voyages and he goes on these grand adventures. But he’s a great character. But there’s so many. I mean, there really are a lot. There’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s gonna come.”

First appearing in Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (2008), Brashear is a former Marine and physics professor tasked with finding a way to harness clean energy in the 1960s. After an experiment causes an explosion, Brashear survives but absorbs mutagenic radiation. As a result, Brashear gains superhuman strength, flight, and the ability to absorb anti-matter. This leads Brashear to fight crime under the name Blue Marvel.

Whether Blue Marvel will appear in the MCU is unknown at this time. However, Moore’s excitement and deep knowledge of Blue Marvel shows that there is a passionate audience of at least one for this character should Marvel Studios decide to pursue it.

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