Fear the Walking Dead Ending With Season 8, AMC Sets New Dates For Spinoffs

Less than two months after bidding farewell to its flagship Walking Dead series, AMC is preparing to say goodbye to the show’s very first spinoff. The network (via The Hollywood Reporter) just confirmed that the upcoming eighth season of Fear the Walking Dead will be its last. Additionally, the final season will be split into two parts consisting of six episodes each. The first half will debut on May 14.

Fear the Walking Dead originally premiered in 2015 and recapped the early days of the zombie apocalypse in Los Angeles. By the start of its fourth season, the show’s timeline had caught up with that of its predecessor, paving the way for characters like Lennie James’ Morgan Jones and Austin Amelio’s Dwight to cross over from the parent series. AMC has yet to announce when the remaining six episodes of the final season might air. However, they’re expected to drop by the end of 2023.

In the meantime, AMC has also mapped out the next year’s worth of Walking Dead programming. The next spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City, will premiere sometime in June, with Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising their roles as Maggie and Negan, respectively. Following the events of The Walking Dead’s series finale, the new show will find their characters making their way to what’s left of New York City and encountering a new host of threats both living and deceased.

Also in 2023, fans can anticipate the return of Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (which may or may not be the actual title), continuing the adventures of his own breakout character as he suddenly winds up in France with no memory of how he got there. So far, Reedus’ new castmates include Clémence Poésy and Adam Nagaitis, with David Zabel serving as showrunner.

Finally, AMC confirmed a new release window for Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira’s long-in-the-works Rick-and-Michonne spinoff. During last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con event, the network announced plans to release the upcoming limited series in 2023. But now, the show is targeting a 2024 premiere, with production scheduled to begin sometime this year. Gurira, who is also co-writing the series with Scott M. Gimple, recently shared on Instagram that pre-production is in “full swing” on Rick and Michonne’s onscreen reunion, marking the first time their characters have appeared in the Walking Dead universe since their departures from the main show in 2018 and 2020. In addition to starring in the series, Lincoln and Gurira will also serve as executive producers alongside Gimple.

How do you feel about Fear the Walking Dead ending this year? Which of the upcoming spinoffs are you most excited to watch? Let us know in the comment section below!

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