Angela Kang Teases How The Walking Dead Finale Sets Up Spinoffs

In just four days, AMC’s flagship Walking Dead series will officially sign off after 11 seasons on the air. But of course, there’s no real cure for the zombie apocalypse. The show’s impending conclusion will set the stage for a handful of new stories springing up in its wake, with new spinoffs planned for Daryl (Norman Reedus), Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and Maggie and Negan (Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan), to name a few. And ahead of the grand finale on Sunday, showrunner Angela Kang (via Entertainment Weekly) offered hints about what the episode will do to get fans ready for what’s next.

Kang affirmed that this weekend’s final episode will definitely feel like an ending, as all finales should. But she also teased that it will also feel like the start of something new, paving the way for the surviving characters to branch out and explore new corners of the Walking Dead universe.

“Things get to a point where you’ll feel like an arc has ended for this show,” said Kang. “But we’re leaving a door open, which is actually also true to the way that the comics handled the end of its story, because it’s supposed to be the zombie story that never ends. And so a door closes, and then another door is left open, and then you take it with your imagination. So that’s kind of the vibe that we went for.”

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At this point, most of the details surrounding the upcoming spinoffs are being kept under wraps. However, Kang says they might not begin when (and where) viewers are expecting.

“When the spin-offs pick up, it’s not going to be exactly where you think it’s going to pick up,” added Kang. “So those are doing their own thing. They’re taking the ball and running down the field with it and going, ‘We’re starting here.’ So that’s kind of how we dealt with the wrangling between main show and spin-offs.”

The series finale of The Walking Dead airs this Sunday, November 20 at 9pm on AMC.

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